MOTEDEM Infrared Blaster

Enables your Raspberry Pi 3 using Bluetooth to control Infrared device like TVs, Set-top boxes, Blueray, Air-conditioners, fans, etc.


Essential library


Provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols.

Please visit BlueZ official site for more detail.

Functional Block Diagram

BLE connection Status

Before we perform IR function or temperature reading, we must establish the BLE connection between Raspberry Pi and the MOTEDEM. All connection command are embedded inside application command such as learn IR and transmist IR. Listed below are LED status of the MOTEDEM.

How to do IR learning

The above diagram illrustates 3 critical points during IR learning process.

  1. The distance between MOTEDEM and remote control must be around 5cm (straight line to the front of the black cover)

  2. Press and hold the key on remote control until the LED of MOTEDEM reacts.

  3. Place MOTEDEM and remote control on same static platform, a table, will increase the learn successful rate.

LED status:

Learning same key but result different data is normal

MOTDEM have 15 seconds timeout when it enter to learn mode

For more detail about example, please refer to the link (listed below) for example (

How to transmit IR code

Please notice that IR operates eye of sight only. The above diagram shows the capability of IR operation distance.

Once an IR command is performed, BLUE LED flashes once.

For more detail about example, please refer to the link (listed below) for example (

Read indoor temperature





GitHub Issues, Go SDK

GitHub Issues, Python SDK