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Fujitsu Split AC learning : no way

Author dim
#1 | Posted: 3 Mar 2019 15:33 
Hello Little Scientist,

Been trying to learn codes from a Fujitsu AR-RY3 remote for a few hours now, with almost no success.
Gone to search the reason on the Internet, then found on Github the following :
Where I understood from the fujitsu* files that each frame contains all data, so the learn and reproduce frame is not going to work here.
Can you please explain the learn and emit processes, so one can try to build a frame knowing its coding and speed?
Even better : provide a function doing so (input params : string to transmit, speed, maybe some additionnal params such a satrt sequence, stop sequence, checksum algorythm, etc) ?


Author motedem
#2 | Posted: 5 Mar 2019 04:01 
Will ask someone to explain this later.

IR code learning Forum / IR code learning /
 Fujitsu Split AC learning : no way

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